Bethel Sunday Nights – 5:00 PM

Bethel Bible Series

You’ve heard the announcements and seen the bulletin inserts. Now, it’s here- the Bethel Bible Series! You can be a part of this church wide family discipleship project by attending every Sunday night at 5pm and joining in. Here’s what we have going on for you and your family:

  • For adults, Bethel Bible Series (no memorization, no tests) will be the tool of choice for an in-depth Bible study from Genesis-Revelation. This group will meet in the Children’s Chapel at 5pm

(Bethel Intensive meets in the Banquet Hall, Building C)

  • Do you have a teen? Well, guess what, Bethel Bible Series is being taught to the youth in the Office Conference Room on Sunday nights starting at 5pm
  • Do you have a child that is elementary school age (1st-6th grade)? At 5pm, in      the gym, your child will also be learning the Bible using Bethel pictures and concepts.
  • For those who are younger than these ages, we have a nursery provided.

So, please come and enjoy the in-depth teaching of God’s Word on Sunday nights using the tools of the Bethel Bible Series. Your whole family will grow spiritually and will definitely be blessed as a result.

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